Scottish Connections Framework

This Framework sets out a cohesive and cross-cutting approach to diaspora engagement. It outlines a series of commitments and ambitions to strengthen and expand our relationships with, and between, Scotland’s international communities, and expand on existing work with our established networks.


Scotland’s diaspora is an extension of Scotland itself – our living bridge with people, organisations, and communities around the world.

International relations are fundamentally about relationships. Between governments, of course. But the ties between people and communities are also vital in increasing global peace and prosperity.

The Scottish Government has long believed that better engaging our diaspora – family and friends of Scotland globally – can not only benefit Scotland economically and enrich our culture but also improve Scotland’s connections and reputation. And we want our efforts to benefit our diaspora too.

In the Programme for Government 2021-22[1], the Scottish Government committed to “engage with our Scottish Connections international community and expand on our work with Scottish diaspora networks across the world.” The Global Affairs Framework[2], published in May 2022, committed to “support and expand this global community [because] these connections raise our profile and reputation. They encourage individuals and companies to visit, study, live, work and invest in Scotland.”

The Scottish Connections Framework turns these commitments into reality.

The content is underpinned by two independent research projects. In 2021, an initial Literature Review[3] undertaken by ICR Research evaluated diaspora engagement from ten comparator states and sub-states.

Building on this work, a Qualitative Research Report[4] was carried out by the University of the West of Scotland, to look in further depth at diaspora approaches in four states or sub-states. The authors also engaged directly with diaspora and those working with diaspora across the Scottish Government and partners to evaluate current outreach.

Using existing activity across the Scottish Government and its public bodies as a foundation, this Framework outlines a cross-cutting policy that will shape and drive forward the Scottish Government’s commitment to create a truly international network of Scottish Connections.

“Scotland’s Diaspora Is An Extension Of Scotland Itself... ”



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