The Scottish Child Health Programme: Guidance on the 27-30 month child health review

Guidance on the core issues which should be addressed and recorded at the 27-30 month review, and standardised methods of assessment to ensure consistency of practice across Scotland.

Appendix 1: Short life working group membership


Rachael Wood, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, NSS Information Services Division, Chair

Val Alexander, Lead, Family Nurse Partnership, NHS Lothian

Health Visitors - Public Health Nurses

Susan Bolt, Team Leader, Scottish Government Early Years

Early Learning and Childcare

Marion Burns, Education Scotland Inspector

Education Scotland

Jim Carle, Child Health Commissioner, NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Child Health Commissioners

Charles Clark, Consultant in Public Health Medicine/Child Health Commissioner

Public Health

Sandra Dee Masson


Morag Dorward, Child Health AHP Lead, NHS Tayside

Allied Health Professionals

Bob Fraser, Scottish Government, Better Life Chances Unit

Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC)

Gillian Garvie, Head, Scottish Government Children and Young People's Health

Child Health

Annie Hair, Health Visiting and Children's Services


Fatim Lakha, NSS Information Services Division

Amanda Loudon, Head, Laurieston Day Nursery, Glasgow

Early Learning and Childcare

Zelda Mathewson, Consultant in Public Health Medicine (Children & Young People), NHS Tayside

Child Health Systems Programme-Pre School National Users Group (CHSP-PS NUG)

Deirdre McCormick, Scottish Government Nursing Officer

Chief Nursing Officer, Patient, Public and Health Professionals Directorate

Ali McDonald, Programme Manager, Early Years and Families, NHS Health Scotland

Health Improvement

Kate McKay, National Clinical Lead for Children and Young People's Health in Scotland

Child Health

John O'Dowd, Consultant in Public Health, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Public Health

Graham Monteith, Scottish Government

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Anne O'Hare, Consultant in Community Child Health, NHS Lothian


Elaine Peace, Assistant Director of Nursing

Directors of Nursing

Mary Sloan, Policy Manager, Scottish Government Children and Young People's Health

Child Health

Debbie Smith Senior Nurse, NHS Dumfries and Galloway

Public Health Nursing

Laura Stewart/Jeff Maguire, Policy Delivery, Scottish Government Curriculum Unit

Literacy Strategy

Phil Wilson, Royal College of General Practitioners

General Practitioners

Jonathan Wright, Principal Research Officer, Scottish Government Analytical Services

Health Analytical Services

Helen Yewdall, Scottish Government, Maternal and Infant Nutrition Co-ordinator

Maternal and Infant Health


Email: Mary Sloan

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