Scottish Central Government Energy Efficiency Grant scheme: form and guidance

A scheme to offer capital grant funding support to enable the delivery of heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency projects across the public sector.


Who can apply

This fund is for public bodies who have no access to borrowing powers to enable them to progress zero emissions heat and energy efficiency projects, which have previously been challenging to deliver due to capital budget constraints.

Eligible public bodies who can apply to this fund are those classified by Office for National Statistics (ONS) as Scottish central government.

  • Scottish Government directorates
  • executive non-departmental public bodies of the Scottish Government
  • executive agencies of the Scottish Government
  • non-ministerial offices of the Scottish Government
  • Scottish health bodies
  • further education colleges

Public corporations are not eligible.

Further information on eligibility

Only existing non-domestic buildings owned by eligible Scottish public bodies can be included in projects. Buildings rented/leased from the private sector are not eligible.

Buildings currently under PPI/PFI contracts are not eligible for capital grants at this time. However, if they are approaching milestones identified in the ‘Guidance on pathways to net zero for assets delivered under PPP contracts’, such as hand back at the end of a contract, and if there is commitment on the part of the contracted parties to investigating such options, the Scottish Government will consider projects’ eligibility for a Pre-Capital Grant on a case by case basis. Where eligible public bodies have a long term lease arrangement for a building(s) from another public body (e.g. local government) and the lease contract allows cost savings through improved energy efficiency to be passed to the eligible public body, potential support will be discussed on an individual basis.

Technologies reliant on the use of fossil fuels are not eligible. This includes measures such as gas replacement boilers and combined heat and power technologies that run on fossil fuels, including on a partial basis. Please note, at this stage we cannot support applications for zero emissions heat projects where the system is going to be incorporating new gas boilers.

The retention of existing systems may be eligible if the purpose is to provide resilience to a zero emissions heating solution. In this case, applications must demonstrate that the heating solution is optimised to achieve the maximum carbon benefit through the system’s control philosophy. The applicant must also set out their high plans for removing the fossil fuel system in their carbon strategy for the building(s).

Public bodies should align applications with any estate rationalisation plans and ensure that funding is only sought for buildings that are planned to remain in ownership and use and energy systems are sized to meet future demand.

Please see below list of eligible green technologies that will be considered for support through this fund:

Renewables and low carbon heating

  • air source heat pump (air to water)
  • air source heat pump (air to air)
  • water source heat pump
  • ground source heat pump
  • connection to existing heat network
  • heating - electric heating
  • biomass
  • solar PV

Energy conservation measures


Insulation - building fabric

  • cavity wall insulation
  • insulation – draught proofing
  • floor insulation – suspended timber floor
  • floor insulation – solid floor or other type
  • loft insulation
  • roof insulation
  • dry wall lining
  • external wall insulation

Glazing and doors

  • double glazing with metal or plastic frames
  • secondary glazing
  • door systems


  • LED lighting new or same fitting
  • lighting discrete controls
  • lighting centralised control system

Building energy management systems (BEMS)

  • remotely managed
  • not remotely managed


  • fixed speed motor controls
  • motors flat belt drives
  • variable speed drives
  • replacement motors - high efficiency

Transformers and time switches

  • low loss
  • transformer tapping change
  • time switches

Heating, cooling and ventilation



  • heat recovery
  • heating - discrete controls
  • heating – distribution pipework improvements
  • heating - zone control valves
  • plate heat exchanger 
  • steam trap replacements
  • thermal stores
  • heating pipework insulation external or internal
  • preparatory building works to connect to a heat network


  • cooling - control system
  • cooling - plant replacement/upgrade
  • energy efficient chillers
  • free cooling
  • replacement of air conditioning with evaporative cooling


  • fans - air handling unit
  • fans - high efficiency
  • phase change material
  • ultrasonic humidifiers
  • ventilation - distribution
  • ventilation - presence controls

Hot water

  • hot water flow restrictors
  • hot water - distribution improvements
  • hot water - efficient taps
  • hot water - point of use heater




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