External wall systems in existing multi-storey residential buildings - fire risk: advice note

This Scottish Advice Note (SAN) provides advice for those responsible for fire safety in residential buildings including building owners/managers/residents groups responsible for determining the fire risk posed by external wall systems on existing multi-storey residential buildings. It will also be of interest to fire risk assessors and specialist external wall appraisal experts.

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Annex 5: Flowchart of Scottish Advice Note decision process

Flowchart of Scottish Advice Note decision process
Flowchart image providing an overview of the Scottish Advice Note decision process

Important: this flowchart gives an overview only. See advice note for full detail and potential exceptions.

*The expectation is that Category 3 MCM should be removed. It should only be permitted in exceptional circumstances e.g. very small area of coverage in a position which does not pose a significant risk to life. Such decisions must be robustly justified in the fire safety risk assessment.


Email: Buildingstandards@gov.scot

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