Scottish 4G Infill Programme consultation

This public consultation seeks to define the proposed intervention locations in the first phase of the Scottish 4G Infill Programme.


To ensure the success of the programme, engagement and consultation will help make our overall strategy and performance more effective. We will do this by consulting about our intentions and others' views. We will gather feedback and analyse the results of the consultation, report on the results, and use this to inform our planning and priority setting.

1. Principles

The following principles will underpin all engagement activity. Engagement activity will:

  • be proportionate both for the group being consulted and to the purpose of the engagement.
  • be open, transparent and focused, being clear how their views will be used and what they may influence.
  • be consistent and joined up ensuring no group has undue influence or access, but that engagement is tailored to the commitments and interests of the audience.
  • support and promote improvement by sharing findings with key stakeholders e.g. partners, colleagues and wider Government departments.
  • be accountable and cost effective, using the necessary resources and time to make a difference, and properly evaluate findings.

2. Levels of engagement

We will engage with interested parties at the appropriate level, in appropriate ways and at appropriate times. The ways we engage with users, stakeholders and interested parties will depend on what we are trying to achieve. Engagement will operate at a number of levels:

  • information - providing information about the service (including information about how to engage with services locally) and future changes to the way the service operates.
  • consultation - seeking opinions about areas of our work and about the services we provide.
  • involvement - engaging customers and corporate partners in becoming part of the solution by listening to their views and supporting them to bring about improvement.

In all of our engagement with users, stakeholders and interested parties, we will be clear about what we want to achieve and ensure that the means of engagement is designed to achieve that objective. We will tailor our engagement activities and use appropriate methods, and will be mindful of the context from the external perspective. Annex A outlines the likely levels and basis of engagement in relation to the 4G infill programme.


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