Scotland's Wellbeing: national outcomes for disabled people

Analysis of the National Performance Framework (NPF) outcome indicators from the perspective of disability.

11. International

We are open, connected and make a positive contribution internationally

National outcome

This outcome commits to fulfilling international obligations, and promoting Scotland’s place in the world.  It commits to be respectful of all who chose to visit, live and work in Scotland and acknowledges the positive contribution they make. It supports positive international relations, influence and exchange networks and is committed to promoting peace, democracy and human rights globally.

National Performance Indicators 

There are six national performance indicators for the International domain. However, five of these indicators are currently in development:  

  • A positive experience for people coming to Scotland No agreed indicator 
  • Scotland’s population No agreed indicator 
  • Trust in public organisations No agreed indicator 
  • International networks No agreed indicator 
  • Contribution of development support to other nations No agreed indicator 

Of the indicator that is currently measured, this is not an individual level measured that can be usefully analysed at the level of disability:

  • Scotland's reputation (Anholt GfK-Roper Nation Brands Index (NBI): Average scores of the six dimensions of national competence, given as a value (not percentage) out of 100.)



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