Scotland's People Annual Report: Results from 2013 Scottish Household Survey: Revised October 2015

A National Statistics publication for Scotland, providing reliable and up-to-date information on the composition, characteristics, behaviour and attitudes of Scottish households and adults across a number of topic areas including local government, neighbourhoods, health and transport.





First Published 1.0



Revision 1.1


Revision 1.1

Revisions Detail:

First Published - 13/08/2014

Revision 1.1 - 07/10/2015

  • Figure 4.2: previously published figures were unweighted
  • Figure 5.1: incorrect base accompanied this figure. The correct base was published in table 5.2
  • Figure 11.4 and tables 11.5 and 11.6: the percentage reported for ‘At least once a year’ was incorrect
  • Table 11.8: incorrect base numbers accompanied this table
  • Table 13.3: percentages for library and museum in the ‘All’ column were incorrect. The correct figures were published in table 13.2
  • Figure 13.18: the three percentages for the category ‘All’ were incorrect
  • Figure 13.19: a rounding error was found for some of the values
  • The text accompanying figure 7.2 referenced data from households with two cars, but labeled it as households with one car. The labels in figure 7.2 are correct.

Most of the percentage value differences are just by a single percentage point compared to the value originally published and are therefore within the margin of error. The exceptions are the changes to the museum figure in Table 13.3 and the changes to Figure 13.18.

The changes listed above only affect the tables, figures and text mentioned above.


Email: Andrew Craik

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