Scotland's National Strategy for Economic Transformation: equality position statement

The equality position statement for Scotland’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation.

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4. Who will be affected

Transforming the economy is a national endeavour and government, public sector, business, trade unions, third sector, local authorities and social enterprises all have a part to play.

The economy impacts everybody, regardless of their age, ethnicity, sex and other characteristics. The actions identified in NSET are intended to drive Scotland's overall economic prosperity to the benefit of all our people. However, just as every person is an individual with particular characteristics and circumstances, their experiences of economic activity and the impact that Scotland's economy has on their lives are different. Targeting the actions proposed in NSET towards people with protected characteristics, and taking a person-centred approach to considering the outcomes of policies and actions, can help to address entrenched inequalities and cumulative impacts on people, and particularly those who experience disadvantage.



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