National innovation strategy 2023 to 2033

Our vision is for Scotland to be one of the most innovative small nations in the world. This is our ten-year strategy to deliver that ambition. Innovation is a key tool to make Scotland a fairer, more equal, wealthier and greener country.

2. Foreword From Sir Jim McDonald

We want Scotland to become one of the most innovative small nations in the world by 2033. That is an entirely achievable ambition as Scotland is already home to some of the very best research institutions and most exciting and innovative companies in the world. There is more to be done to unleash the potential of innovation across the country and this Strategy is focused on the actions required to move the dial.

It sets out a vision and road map to transform Scotland's economy over the next decade by placing innovation at the heart of our economic growth, societal prosperity and wellbeing. By capturing the transformative power of innovation, we will place Scotland ahead of the pack in key sectors and technologies on the global stage. This will drive up productivity in more companies, attract more investment and increase the quality and effectiveness of our public services. By collaborating and concentrating on strategic priorities we will ensure that the benefits and opportunities of a thriving innovation ecosystem are delivered across the nation to all our citizens, businesses and communities.

Innovation is global and the international dimension of these endeavours will be an important enabler in realising the success of this Strategy. We will support our innovative sectors to internationalise and export, continue to build international partnerships and learn lessons from our international comparator nations, drawing on good practice wherever it is found. And woven through our Strategy will be a focus on inclusiveness and diversity in all its forms, so that it is enriched by more

The transformative potential of innovation is undeniable. The power of new ideas and new technologies is driving global change at an unprecedented rate and scale. Countries that can show agility and harness this power will thrive in the 21st century, becoming magnets for talent and investment, becoming exporters of the next generation of products and services, and significantly raising their citizens' quality of life.

It has been a privilege to have co-chaired the Steering Group that has played a key role in shaping this Strategy, supported by a number of expert working groups and an extensive evidence gathering and engagement process. I am grateful for the time, knowledge and expertise of these of these entrepreneurs, industry experts, academics and business leaders. We came together through the ambition that we can make Scotland one of the most innovative small countries in the world over the next decade.

I believe this Strategy will enable this country to achieve that ambition.

Professor Sir Jim McDonald

Principal University of Strathclyde


Email: Innovation@Gov.Scot

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