Mental health and wellbeing delivery plan: equality impact assessment

Equalities impact assessment that aims to consider how the Mental Health and Wellbeing Delivery Plan either positively or negatively affects people with different Protected Characteristics.

Equality Impact Assessment

Title of policy

Scotland's Mental Health and Wellbeing Delivery Plan

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of policy

This Delivery Plan sets out the package of actions we will take with COSLA and wider partners over the next 18 months to work towards our Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy's vision, priorities and outcomes.

  • Vision: a Scotland, free from stigma and inequality, where everyone fulfils their right to achieve the best mental health and wellbeing possible.
  • Outcomes:
    • Improved overall mental wellbeing and reduced inequalities
    • Improved quality of life for people with mental health conditions, free from stigma and discrimination
    • Improved knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellbeing and how to access appropriate support
    • Better equipped communities to support people's mental health and wellbeing and provide opportunities to connect with others
    • More effective cross-policy action to address the wide-ranging factors that impact people's mental health and wellbeing
    • Increased availability of timely, effective support, care and treatment that promote and support people's mental health and wellbeing, meeting individual needs
    • Better informed policy, support, care and treatment, shaped by people with lived experience and practitioners, with a focus on quality and recovery
    • Better access to and use of evidence and data in policy and practice
    • A diverse, skilled, supported and sustainable workforce across all sectors.

Whilst the outcomes are intended to be for the whole population of Scotland, we recognise people have different starting points and require different kinds of support, care and treatment. The needs of those who experience social and structural inequality and discrimination, such as those with protected characteristics, will vary. Whilst the outcomes we aim for are the same for everyone, the actions we need to get there will be different for different groups as we seek to tackle the mental health inequalities that exist.

Directorate: Team: Officials: Date:

Mental Health Directorate Strategy and Co-ordination Unit Hannah Doherty

November 2023



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