Scotland's International Framework: India engagement strategy

Outlines key areas of engagement between India and Scotland.

Strategic Objective 2 - Relationship And Partnerships


We will work with partners to share local knowledge and build bilateral relationships and networks. We will continue to be a good global citizen, making distinctive contributions to addressing global challenges such as climate change, tackling inequality and promoting human rights. Our partnership with India will be sustainable. A relationship of trust, collaboration and mutual benefit is more likely to lead to long-term co-operation.

Education and Skills

The Indian Government is focused on raising academic and vocational standards of education and training. With the largest youth population in the world (356 million 10-24 year-olds [6] ), the demand for education is high. The current skills development programme in India has the capacity to educate some 3.1 million Indians per year - however India has set a target of skilling 500 million people by 2022. [7]

Scotland has a global reputation for high quality education across all ages and stages. Scotland's education and research expertise makes us an ideal partner for India, whether focused on social enterprise, higher education, community learning, school (through the Curriculum for Excellence) or early years. In addition, Scotland has a skills development programme to equip people with the skills that they need to flourish in work.

In higher education Scotland has a reputation for world-leading research. Five Scottish universities feature in the world's top 200 [8] , and funding is in place to enable research partnerships and further collaboration. Furthermore, 19 Scottish higher education institutions work with 26,000 companies each year to turn research and development into new products. [9] A wealth of experience in Scotland and a tech savvy student population in India makes for a perfect partnership.

What is our long-term ambition?

  • Scotland and India's education, skills and research strengths are enhanced.
  • Scotland's educational reputation in India is improved.
  • India's educational reputation in Scotland is improved.
  • We contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 4 to ensure inclusive education.

Find out more about current collaboration in education and skills

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Education and skills

Updated February 2016


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