Scotland's International Framework: India engagement strategy

Outlines key areas of engagement between India and Scotland.

Strategic Objective 1 - Global Outlook


To enhance Scotland's global outlook, we will embed internationalisation and create an environment which encourages knowledge exchange. We will provide targeted support to our people, businesses and institutions to help them to seize international opportunities. We must also understand the impact of our work on others.

Trade and Investment

The Scottish Government's purpose is sustainable economic growth. Similarly, the Indian Government is focused on continuing to build and diversify the Indian economy, through nationwide initiatives such as 'Make in India', 'Invest in India' and 'Digital India,' [4] and has ambitious plans to create 100 'Smart Cities'. [5]

This presents huge opportunities for Scottish companies to work in India, particularly in life sciences, technology and engineering, business and financial services and energy. Scotland's competitive taxes, business-friendly environment, skilled workforce and easy access to the rest of Europe and beyond, make it an ideal country for Indian companies to set up business. We will work with India to reduce barriers to trade and increase cooperation.

Through its offices in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad) and Scotland, Scottish Development International can support this engagement.

Long-term ambitions

  • Support more Scottish companies to successfully do business in India.
  • Increase Scottish exports to India.
  • Support Scottish companies operating in India to increase their revenues.
  • Scotland is seen as a preferred trade and investment partner in India in technology, innovation and skills.
  • Encourage greater flows of talent and knowledge between Scotland and India.
  • Seek further investment from India into Scotland, with a focus on new high value investment.

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Trade and Investment

Updated February 2016


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