Scotland's International Framework: US engagement strategy (draft)

This is the draft version of our strategy for engagement with the US. The final version was published in March 2017.

Strategic Objective 3 - Reputation and Attractiveness

Aim: We are committed to building our reputation and international attractiveness by celebrating and promoting our culture and values, boosting our export performance, ensuring that Scotland remains an attractive location for investment and building on our education research capability.

Scotland enjoys a strong and positive reputation in the US. Much of this is linked to a traditional view of Scotland but increasingly provides an opportunity to develop and improve understanding of modern Scotland.

Scotland's cultural and heritage organisations are actively involved in promoting the full diversity of Scotland's rich, vibrant culture, raising awareness of what Scotland has to offer to the US and its people, while also opening up economic opportunities for Scotland's creative industries.

Research among US focus groups continues to highlight that Scotland's greatest appeal in the US market is as a country rich in cultural experiences and, particularly, as the home of golf. With leisure and business tourists from the US representing a significant proportion of overseas visitors to Scotland, promoting Scotland's attractiveness as a place to visit remains a high priority. We will continue to promote initiatives such as the Spirit of Scotland to develop positive, sustainable, community-led messages about Scotland's soul, guts, humour, fun, spark, determination and warmth.

What is our long-term ambition?

  • For Scotland to be recognised in the US for the highest quality in tourism, food & drink and consumer products.
  • For Scotland to be perceived by influential people in relevant sectors as a leading centre of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Ensure Scottish cultural bodies, organisations and individuals have access to the best opportunities to perform and exhibit, and to participate in large scale events both in the US and to American audiences at home.
  • To maximise the opportunity to increase demand for products and services.


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