Scotland's International Framework: Canada engagement strategy

This document outlines our strategic objectives for engagement with Canada.

Strategic Objective 3 - Reputation and Attractiveness


We are committed to building our reputation and international attractiveness by celebrating and promoting our culture and values, boosting our export performance, ensuring that Scotland remains an attractive location for investment and building on our education research capability.

Scotland's culture and heritage are widely recognised across Canada, particularly our history, traditions and ancestry. Scotland's cultural bodies and agencies continue to maintain and build on that recognition. We will seek opportunities to promote the best of Scottish culture to Canada to maximise the impact of Scotland's unique cultural assets. We will encourage cultural collaborations between both nations that play both our strengths with a focus on Scotland's creative industries.

Growing Scotland's tourism industry is a key element of our Government Economic Strategy. Canada is one of Scotland's biggest overseas tourism markets with potential for further growth. We will continue to promote the attractiveness of Scotland as a tourism destination of choice.

What is our long-term ambition?

  • Continue to promote our cultural assets in Canada to ensure that Scotland is a top destination to visit, study, invest and work.
  • Develop opportunities for Scottish cultural bodies, organisations and individuals to perform and exhibit in Canada.
  • Create sustainable opportunities for Scotland's creative industries.
  • Identify opportunities to grow Scotland's leisure and business tourism in Canada.


This strategy describes how the objectives set out in the Scottish Government's International Framework will be achieved in relation to Canada. As such, reporting on progress in developing our relationship with Canada will be included as part of the regular updates that we will publish on the International Framework.



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