Scotland's International Framework: Canada engagement strategy

This document outlines our strategic objectives for engagement with Canada.

Strategic Objective 1 - Global Outlook


To enhance Scotland's global outlook, we will embed internationalisation and create an environment which encourages knowledge exchange. We will provide targeted support to our people, businesses and institutions to help them to seize international opportunities. We must also understand the impact of our work on others.

Trade and Investment

Canada has been consistently in the top 20 export markets for Scottish companies since 2002 [3] and is one of the top ten sources of foreign direct investment [4] . Scotland's sectors of energy, life sciences, financial services, food and drink, creative industries and tourism have much to offer and gain from increased engagement in the Canadian market and collaboration with Canadian companies. We will work with SDI and other partners to support Scottish companies to make the most of these opportunities.


Canada is consistently strong in measures of quality and equity in education. Increasing the number of partnerships between Scottish schools, colleges and universities with their Canadian counterparts can, over time, lead to a wide range of reciprocal benefits. Exposure to the history and culture of Canada can add to the richness and diversity of Scottish students' education, developing their world view and increasing their awareness of global issues. Exchange programmes support networks of individuals with strong personal and professional connections between the two countries. These connections will strengthen the level of collaboration in academic research and contribute to the economy through, for example, the contribution of international students and the collaboration and commercialisation of research and development.

What is our long-term ambition?

  • Support more Scottish companies to successfully do business in Canada.
  • Increase Scottish exports to Canada.
  • Increase and diversify investment in Scotland from Canadian companies and institutions.
  • Encourage greater flows of talent and knowledge between Scotland and Canada.



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