Scotland's international framework 2017

Scotland’s International Framework sets out how our international work supports the Government’s central purpose of creating a more successful country.

Our Outcomes/Ambitions

Our People

  • Are better able to engage in a global world.
  • Are engaged in international exchanges and learning opportunities.
  • Are aware of the international environment and Scotland's place in the world.

Our Businesses & Institutions

  • Are more globally competitive.
  • Are able to cooperate with international partners to exchange knowledge and best practice.
  • Are able to maximise and take advantage of export and trade opportunities.
  • Are innovative and able to access international funding opportunities.

Our Scotland

  • Our economy is stronger and more resilient, there are greater employment opportunities and inequality is reduced.
  • Our economic, educational, cultural and heritage strengths are globally recognised, supporting our positive international reputation.
  • Our physical and digital connectivity is strengthened and Scotland is viewed as an attractive location to invest in and visit.
  • Our international partners are supported in achieving our mutual goals. We show leadership and contribute to reducing global inequality and poverty.
  • Our bilateral, multilateral and institutional relationships are strong and we are able to promote our interests overseas.


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