Future skills: action plan

Scotland's Future Skills Action Plan reaffirms the importance of skills in helping individuals reach their potential.

Our Vision and how we will deliver it

Improving productivity, inclusive growth, and fair work are critical for Scotland's future success, and skills play a key role in each. From seizing emerging economic opportunities and supporting those in low-paid work, to stimulating development and progression, skills and training can help deliver sustainable and inclusive economic growth for all.

The overarching themes set out in this Plan and the Strategic Board's recommendations have helped to shape our vision for Scotland's skills system. This provides a focal point for our development of skills policies and programmes in the years ahead:

Scotland's highly skilled workforce ensures we are an ambitious, productive and competitive nation. Scotland's skills system will be the foundation on which we will deliver these ambitions, supporting our people through-out their working lives, and empowering our business to take advantage of future opportunities. A culture of shared investment in Scotland's future workforce will unlock the potential of our people and businesses and deliver inclusive growth.

How we are meeting future skills challenges

Skills are vital to achieving our ambitions of becoming a Fair Work nation. They are essential in helping individuals to prosper and maximise their potential, for businesses to grow and thrive and to entrench dignity and opportunity in the workplace.

The Strategic Board's recommendations act as themes for change across the skills system and against which we can implement, measure and report success.

We recognise that delivering our vision for the skills system can only be achieved by working in partnership with employers. It is vital that employers are active in the design, investment and development of workforce planning and we will include them as we further develop the Plan. Pages 15- 6 outline this process in full.


Email: skillsdevelopment@gov.scot

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