Future skills: action plan

Scotland's Future Skills Action Plan reaffirms the importance of skills in helping individuals reach their potential.

Theme 4: Accelerating the implementation of the learner journey review

As identified by the Strategic Plan of the Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board, the accelerated implementation of the recommendations of the Learner Journey Review presents an opportunity to enhance the experience of 15-24 year olds in Scotland's education system. This is critical to safeguard Scotland's long-term economic prosperity.

The implementation of these recommendations is a Scottish Government priority. Given the clear parallels between the Learner Journey Review, Developing the Young Workforce (DYW), and this plan, there is a strong opportunity to enhance each other's delivery, working collaboratively in mutual benefit and support.

Next steps

4.1) We are embedding work-based learning as an integral part of the offer available to learners, fully integrating foundation and graduate apprenticeships into the education and skills system.

4.2) We will enhance pathways from the College sector into Graduate Apprenticeships.

4.3) We will strengthen community-based adult learning provision, promoting greater collaboration between colleges and local authorities to create clear pathways for retraining and upskilling for all.

4.4) We will reinforce the important role that employers play by committing to support the DYW employer group infrastructure for at least a further 4 years. We will work with the DYW employer groups and others to review their the priorities and ensure that they can contribute to achieving the Scottish Government's vision to build sustainable and inclusive economic growth and tackle child poverty by focussing on opportunities for young people most likely to be left behind.

4.5) We will accelerate coordination of the curriculum offer; better incentivise progression through school, further and higher education - and ensure all journeys are purposeful leading to the best outcomes for both learners and employers.


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