Scotland's Forestry Strategy 2019–2029

Long-term framework for the expansion and sustainable management of Scotland's forests and woodland.

2019–2029 overview


In 2070, Scotland will have more forests and woodlands, sustainably managed and better integrated with other land uses. These will provide a more resilient, adaptable resource, with greater natural capital value, that supports a strong economy, a thriving environment, and healthy and flourishing communities.


  • Increase the contribution of forests and woodlands to Scotland’s sustainable and inclusive economic growth
  • Improve the resilience of Scotland’s forests and woodlands and increase their contribution to a healthy and high quality environment
  • Increase the use of Scotland’s forest and woodland resources to enable more people to improve their health, well-being and life chances


  • Ensuring forests and woodlands are sustainably managed
  • Expanding the area of forests and woodlands, recognising wider land-use objectives
  • Improving efficiency and productivity, and developing markets
  • Increasing the adaptability and resilience of forests and woodlands
  • Enhancing the environmental benefits provided by forests and woodlands
  • Engaging more people, communities and businesses in the creation, management and use of forests and woodlands





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