Digital health and care strategy: enabling, connecting and empowering

A refreshed strategy is available at (October 2021).


The strategic aim for Health and Social Care is that Scotland offers high quality services, with a focus on prevention, early intervention, supported self-management, day surgery as the norm, and – when hospital stays are required – for people to be discharged as swiftly as it is safe to do so.

This strategy focuses on how digital can support this aim whereby, as a citizen of Scotland:

'I have access to the digital information, tools and services I need to help maintain and improve my health and wellbeing.
I expect my health and social care information to be captured electronically, integrated and shared securely to assist service staff and carers that need to see it…

…and that digital technology and data will be used appropriately and innovatively:

  • to help plan and improve health and care services
  • enable research and economic development
  • and ultimately improve outcomes for everyone.'


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