Digital health and care strategy: enabling, connecting and empowering

A refreshed strategy is available at (October 2021).


The opportunities presented by digital to truly empower people and put them in control of their own health and wellbeing are immense. So too are the opportunities to significantly reduce complexity, open up access to information, automate back end processes and support effective evidence-based decision making by front-line professionals. Scotland is in a strong position, due to our population size and comparatively small geography, to be one of the leading nations globally in being able to deliver a truly national digital health and care system that continually learns and improves. Through collaboration, hard work and appropriate investment we can deliver the change required to shift the balance of care, the balance of power and ultimately improve health and wellbeing outcomes.

'The Digital Health and Care Strategy is a significant opportunity for digital to support the way people access services, become more actively engaged, and manage their own health and wellbeing.'
– Martyn Wallace, Chief Digital Officer of the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government


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