Scotland's Digital Future: A Strategy for Scotland

Strategy setting out how we will ensure Scotland takes full advantage of digital technology.


The Scottish Government welcomes the fact that many external organisations and individuals have expressed their views on Scotland's digital future during the last year. Although footnotes are given in this strategy when appropriate, it is worth noting some of the key reports on this issue which have been published in recent years.

Digital Participation Strategy and Action Plan for Scotland, Ofcom, 2010

Digital Power, Reform Scotland, 2010

Digital Scotland, Royal Society for Edinburgh, 2011

Enabling a Digital Scotland, Scotland IS, 2010

Selected documents from UK Government and devolved administrations

Britain's Superfast Broadband Future, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, 2010

Delivering a Digital Wales, Welsh Assembly Government, 2010;jsessionid=jpCyNq3JjHkVDDmtLqckzpnnc8lrGGyWLs0mfyHKLyVHS1PpGG1z!2129002960?lang=en

Manifesto for a Networked Nation, Race Online 2012, UK Government, 2010

Review of Directgov website commissioned by UK Government, 2010

Sources of statistics

2009 Scottish Household Survey

UK Adults' Media Literacy, Ofcom, 2010

Communications Market Report for Scotland, Ofcom, 2010

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