Scotland's Digital Future: High Level Operating Framework

Guidance and information for public sector organisations on the design principles, standards and specifications of the Scotland’s Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services strategy.

5 Glossary

Term Meaning
AP Architecture Principles
CESG The National Technical Authority for Information Assurance
COTS Commercial Of The Shelf software
DPA Data Protection Act
e-GIF e-Government Interoperability Framework
FOI Freedom of Information Act
IGF Information Governance Forum
Open Data Data that meets the following criteria:
  • accessible (ideally via the internet) at no more than the cost of reproduction, without limitations based on user identity or intent;
  • in a digital, machine readable format for interoperation with
    other data; and
  • free of restriction on use or redistribution in its licensing conditions.
OSIAF Open Scotland Information Age Framework
PAAS Platform as a service
SAAS software as a service
TOGAF The Open Group Architecture Framework
WS-* Web Services Standards


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