Work First Scotland and Work Able Scotland statistics: quarters one and two, 2017

This experimental statistics release is the first in a new series about Scotland’s devolved employment services.


1 There is a necessary time lag between an individual being referred to the services, and subsequent contact being made by the service provider to engage with the individual.

2 Total number joining (‘starts’) reflects the outcomes of referrals received during the period 3 April to 29 September 2017, which includes some people who had a recorded start date after 29 September 2017. See Technical Annex for details.

3 Numbers of referrals and starts to WFS reported through the DWP Provider Referrals and Payments ( PRaP) system. PRaP is a system that enables secure, automated exchanges of information about
customers referred to providers, and payments from DWP to providers.Minor adjustments also made via clerical work undertaken by SG. See Technical Annex for details. Footnotes 1 and 2 also apply.

4 Number of referrals to WAS reported by WAS service providers, via clerical referrals made by DWP. Number of starts recorded on SDS’ Corporate Training System ( CTS). CTS is an IT system which supports the administration of programmes such as WAS. See Technical Annex for details. Footnotes 1 and 2 also apply.

5 More than one type of long-term health condition can be recorded for an individual, hence the totals sum to more than the total number of participants.

6 Percentages do not sum to 100 due to rounding.

7 16 and 17 year olds are not eligible for WAS


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