Scotland's Climate Assembly: operations and administration arrangements

Details on the Assembly's independence and governance, resources, member recruitment, meetings, evidence base, engagement, principles and reporting arrangements.

Evidence base 

25. Evidence and communication leads will also be appointed to ensure members have access to the necessary evidence base in an understandable and accessible format. These leads will work closely with the secretariat and facilitators to develop the evidence base and integrate this into the assembly process. 

26. Evidence leads will work together to design the evidence base and ensure there is a balance of different perspectives.  Their role is to create a learning pathway which will allow members to make important and credible decisions. 

27. The communications lead will help develop the evidence base and learning process to ensure it is accessible and engaging for all members. They will attend all assembly meetings, ensuring that Members understand the evidence that has been presented, providing clarification where required.

28. The secretariat will work with the stewarding group and evidence and communication leads to identify speakers and other methods of learning to present a balanced evidence base to the assembly. All evidence will be commissioned by the secretariat, in consultation with the evidence and communication leads, with scrutiny from the stewarding group. Evidence will be tailored to the needs of the members and the secretariat and advisers will account for different requirements of assembly members in accessing evidence.



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