Scotland's Climate Assembly: operations and administration arrangements

Details on the Assembly's independence and governance, resources, member recruitment, meetings, evidence base, engagement, principles and reporting arrangements.

Scotland's Climate Assembly meetings

20. Within the remit of the functions included in the 2019 Act, members of Scotland's Climate Assembly will be free to explore the matters entrusted to them as they decide is appropriate. The secretariat, stewarding group and conveners will support assembly members throughout this process.

21. The stewarding group has agreed that the initial question Scotland's Climate Assembly will consider is: "How should Scotland change to tackle the climate emergency in an effective and fair way?" However, within the remit of the legislation, and with expert support, members of the assembly (once in place) will be able to shape the assembly's agenda.

22. Meetings will be held over six weekends. An additional weekend may be required, to be decided by Scotland's Climate Assembly members. It is the aim to have the first meeting of Scotland's Climate Assembly in November 2020 and for the meetings to conclude in March 2021.

23. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Scotland's Climate Assembly will begin online and will only move to meeting in person when it is safe to do so. If necessary, all learning, deliberation and agreement of recommendations will be held digitally. Meetings in person will only be arranged when Scottish Government guidance allows such gatherings and when members are comfortable with doing so. The assembly will take account of any particular guidance for vulnerable groups and requirements for venues to support Covid-19 restrictions such as physical distancing. Where required, equipment and training will be provided to those not digitally connected to enable them to take part.

24. Working with the secretariat, Involve and the Democratic Society have been procured to design Scotland's Climate Assembly's learning, deliberative and decision making process, and will act as hosts for Scotland's Climate Assembly and guide the members through the process. 



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