Scotland's autumn and winter vaccination strategy: progress report and accelerated delivery plans - December 2021

Progress report and accelerated delivery plans in response to the Omicron variant of coronavirus.

7. Our inclusive approach to vaccinations

We are aware of lower uptake of the vaccine in some communities and are addressing this by building on the approach adopted earlier in the programme by working alongside Boards, third sector, faith and community groups to understand the issues experienced by marginalised groups and to help find solutions. Our National Vaccine Inclusive Steering Group continues to meet regularly to support and advise on reaching those most at-risk from COVID-19 who have not yet been fully vaccinated.

Health Boards are prioritising appointments at home for people who are housebound to ensure they can access their vaccinations safely. The reduction in the observation period will help to accelerate this.

All Boards have dedicated Autumn/Winter programme inclusion plans, outlining how they will actively offer vaccination to people who may face barriers to uptake. Examples of outreach include providing travel vouchers for those who need them to get to their appointment, offering vaccinations in places of worship, in other community settings and working with community leaders to promote uptake.

On 18 November 2021, we began to collect ethnicity data for the Autumn/Winter programme at vaccination appointments to help assess and address racial health inequalities. Once this data becomes available, it will help us to better design and tailor services to improve outcomes in ethnic minority groups.



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