Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) Scotland Act: Health promotion guidance for local authorities and schools

Guidance to support local authorities, schools and managers of grant-aided schools in working with partner agencies to ensure that all schools promote good health.

Annex B: Further information and resources

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A Curriculum for Excellence
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Web links

British Nutrition Foundation
Childline 0800 1111: The free helpline for children and young people in the UK.
Determined to Succeed
EcoSchools Scotland
Food Standards Agency
Food Standards Agency Scotland
HandsOnScotland: A toolkit of helpful responses to encourage children and young people's emotional wellbeing.
HeadsUpScotland: The national project for children and young people's mental health in Scotland.
Health Promoting Schools
Health Scotland
Healthy Living
Healthy Respect
NHS Health Scotland's Young People's Programme: The programme focuses on issues relevant within the area of young people and teenage transitions.
NHS Stop Smoking Campaign
Safer Routes to School
Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007 & Explanatory notes
Sustainable development education
Young Scot: Feeling Good section of Young Scot website


A range of posters and literature are available through organisations such as NHS Health Scotland, NHS Boards, ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) Scotland, Alcohol Focus Scotland, Learning and Teaching Scotland and TACADE.



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