School Handbook: guidance

Information for local authorities and schools to help develop contents for their handbooks.

Annex C

This annex provides links that schools and local authorities may find helpful when developing a School Handbook. The list is not intended to be exhaustive and authors may wish to consider additional sources of school, local and national information, material and resources.

Contact details

The Scottish Government guide Principles of Inclusive Communications provides information on communications and a self-assessment tool for public authorities -

Choosing a School: A Guide for Parents - information on choosing a school and the placing request system -

A guide for parents about school attendance explains parental responsibilities with regard to children's attendance at school -

Parental involvement

Guidance on the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 provides guidance on the act for education authorities, Parent Councils and others -

Parentzone provide information and resource for parents and Parent Councils -

School ethos

Supporting Learners - guidance on the identification, planning and provision of support -

Journey to Excellence - provides guidance and advice about culture and ethos -

Health and wellbeing guidance on healthy living for local authorities and schools -

Building Curriculum for Excellence Through Positive Behaviour and Relationships outlines the Scottish Government's priority actions around positive behaviour in schools and is also a source of support -

Scottish Catholic Education Service's resource 'This is Our Faith' which supports the teaching and learning of Catholic religious education -


Information about how the curriculum is structured and curriculum planning -

Information about the outcomes a learner can expect to experience and achieve across literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing, as well as the eight curricular areas -

Advice, practice and resources to support the experiences and outcomes on literary, numeracy and health and wellbeing -

Broad General Education in the Secondary School - A Guide for Parents and Carers -

Information on the Senior Phase -

Information on Skills for learning, life and work -

Information around the Scottish Government's 'Opportunities for All' programme -

Information for organisations responsible for the planning, management and delivery of career information, advice and guidance services -

The Skills Development Scotland website 'My World of Work' offers a number of tools to support career planning -

Assessment and reporting

Building the Curriculum 5: a framework for assessment provides guidance around the assessment framework -

Information about Curriculum for Excellence levels and how progress is assessed -

Curriculum for Excellence factfile - Assessment and qualifications -

Information on recognising achievement, reporting and profiling -


Curriculum for Excellence factfile - 3-18 Transitions - provides information on the transitions children and young people will face throughout their education and beyond -

Career Information, Advice and Guidance in Scotland - A Framework for Service Redesign and Improvement provides guidance on career information, advice and guidance strategy -

Choices and changes provides information about choices made at various stages of learning -

The Additional support for learning page provides links to relevant legislation and guidance, including the arrangements that should be in place to support pupils with additional support needs -

Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice includes specific requirements on education authorities and others under the new legislation in relation to transition -

Enquire is the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning -

Parenting Across Scotland offers support to children and families in Scotland -

Support for pupils

The Additional support for learning page provides links to relevant legislation and guidance, including the arrangements that should be in place to support pupils with additional support needs -

Information about the universal entitlement to support that underpins Curriculum for Excellence -

Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice (Revised edition) - provides Statutory guidance relating to the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 as amended -

Getting it Right for Every Child and Young Person, is essential reading for anyone involved or working with children and young people, including practitioners working in adult services with parents and carers -

School improvement

Scottish Schools Online - provides a range of school information, including contact details, school roll, facilities, website, inspection reports -

Education Scotland's Inspection and review page provides information on the inspection process -

The Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy ( SSLN) is an annual sample survey which will monitor national performance in literacy and numeracy -

Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework ( SCQF) -

Scottish Qualifications Authority provides information for teachers, parents, employers and young people on qualifications -

Amazing Things - information about youth awards in Scotland -

Information on how to access statistics relating to School Education -

School policies and practical information

Schools and local authorities should consider the most relevant school, local and national policies and include details or links for parents to sources of further information.

National policies, information and guidance can be accessed through the following sites:

Children (Scotland) Act 1995 -

Standards in Scotland's Schools (Scotland) Act 2000 -


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