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School Handbook: guidance

Published: 12 Sep 2012
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Information for local authorities and schools to help develop contents for their handbooks.

School Handbook: guidance
Ministerial Foreword

Ministerial Foreword

Photo of Dr Alasdair Allan Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland's Languages

I am pleased to write this foreword for the new School Handbook. The document marks the completion of this Government's commitment to updating the School Handbook Regulations. We have introduced changes, based on direct consultation with parents, that will ensure that they will get the information they need and that they have told us they want from their child's school. The new requirements reflect the changes in Scottish education and recognise the important role that parents play as partners in their schools.

We know School Handbooks are one of many ways that schools communicate with parents. The School Handbook is a valuable resource for parents to help them choose a school, prepare for school or as a reference tool during school. It can enable effective communication between a school and its community, conveying ethos, values and identity. It can also help parents support their own child and their school's improvement.

When parents are successfully and meaningfully involved in their child's learning, and in the life of their schools, children do better. Good communication, relationships and information are key to successful involvement. The new School Handbook aims to support and strengthen the relationship between schools, local authorities and parents. As Minister for Learning, I am fully committed to further improvement in our education system and to involving parents as part of that improvement.

Parents are vital partners in the successful implementation of Curriculum for Excellence and in helping us improve standards and outcomes for all children. I would encourage schools, Parent Councils and local authorities to continue to work together and to develop a School Handbook that meets the needs of their own parent community, and find ways to further strengthen relationships with parents.

Signature of Dr Alasdair Allan Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland's Languages

Dr Alasdair Allan
Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland's Languages