Salmon Parasite Interactions in Linnhe, Lorn and Shuna (SPILLS): final project report

The Salmon Parasite in Linnhe, Lorn and Shuna (SPILLS) project focused on testing and improving sea lice dispersal monitoring and modelling techniques. The SPILLS Project developed and compared different models designed to predict distribution of sea lice in Scottish sea lochs.

Annex 2 - List of participants and roles

Project Leads:

  • Alejandro Gallego
  • Sandy Murray (Marine Scotland Science - MSS)

Project Coordinator:

Meadhbh Moriarty (MSS)

Work Package Leads:

  • WP 1: Philip Gillibrand (MOWI)
  • WP 2: Helena Reinardy (SAMS)
  • WP 3: Helena Reinardy (SAMS), Philip Gillibrand (MOWI)
  • WP 4: Meadhbh Moriarty (MSS)
  • WP 5: Alejandro Gallego, Sandy Murray (MSS)

Steering Group:

  • Alan Wells (FMS)
  • Peter Pollard (SEPA)
  • Alex Adrian (CES)
  • John Armstrong (MSS)

Project Team:

  • Alan Kettle-White (AFT)
  • Alejandro Gallego (MSS)
  • Chris Allen (SAMS)
  • Helena Reinardy (SAMS)
  • Kim Last (SAMS)
  • Lars Brunner (SAMS)
  • Eilidh Macleod (SAMS)
  • Gail Twigg (SAMS)
  • Lianne Harrison (MSS)
  • Louise Campbell (MSS)
  • Berit Rabe (MSS)
  • Lynne Coley (KAMES)
  • Meadhbh Moriarty (MSS)
  • Philip Gillibrand (MOWI)
  • Rory O'Hara Murray (MSS)
  • Sandy Murray (MSS)
  • Sarah Reed (SAMS)
  • Soizic Garnier (MSS)
  • Stephen Macintyre (MOWI)
  • Stevie Brain (SAMS)
  • Tom Adams (SSF)



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