After-sale shared equity procedures: guidance

Guidance to cover after-sale procedures in relation to Scottish Government’s various shared equity schemes.

Annex 8 -€“ Subsequent Securities

Annex 8 - Letter/Email to owner who has requested consent to the creation of a subsequent standard security (See Guidance -€“ Section 11, Corresponding with Owners)


[Address of property] (the "Property")

Request for consent to grant a subsequent standard security

Thank you for your recent enquiry, when you confirmed that you wished to grant a subsequent standard security over your title to the Property in order to secure a loan from an additional lender.

Please note that it is the policy of Scottish Ministers not to give consent in these circumstances, and your request is therefore refused. This will therefore mean that, if you do grant any subsequent standard security without consent, that will trigger a "Payment Event" for the purposes of the shared equity agreement between Scottish Ministers and you, which would then require you to repay to Scottish Ministers the value of their equity loan to you.

Shared Equity Officer

(If email insert details of address and telephone number etc)


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