Safeguarding Scotland's resources: blueprint for a more resource-efficient and circular economy

Our programme to reduce waste and create a more productive and circular economy. Part of the Zero Waste agenda and economic strategy.

4. Our Aim

This programme will support our Zero Waste and sustainable economic growth priorities by:

Preventing waste, increasing resource efficiency and enabling a shift towards a more circular economy

To support this overall aim, the programme will focus on the following objectives:

  • helping businesses use resources more efficiently (Actions 1- 6);
  • stimulating innovation and business opportunities in the reuse, refurbishment and remanufacturing sectors (Actions 7- 12);
  • promoting sustainable product design ( Action 13);
  • improving Producer Responsibility and reducing the impacts of packaging (Actions 14- 16);
  • improving access to information on materials and their significance to our economy or to businesses ( Action 17);
  • stimulating a culture of resource efficiency, influencing behaviour through awareness raising, education and skills development (Actions 18- 20).

Figure 3 A circular economy

Figure 4 A circular economy


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