Roundtable on the end point for anonymity for child victims

Report of roundtable discussion on the end point for anonymity for child victims held on 24 February 2024

Part 2: Scottish Government’s proposed next steps

1. The discussion at the roundtable highlighted a number of factors and different viewpoints that require further, detailed consideration. There was a consensus that the issues involved are complex sensitive, and require all those around the table to work together to find a solution.

2. Informed by research on anonymity in other jurisdictions, representations from people with lived experience and the discussion that took place at the roundtable, we propose the following next steps:

  • engagement with families bereaved by crime - both directly and through reference groups - to explore the complexities of, and possible solutions to, the issues raised
  • further consideration of options on this issue and how to engage those with an interest, including through a possible public consultation
  • work with victim support organisations and media representatives to develop a toolkit to promote trauma-informed reporting of homicides by the news media



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