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Coronavirus (COVID-19): care home outbreaks - root cause analysis

Findings of the rapid review of COVID-19 outbreaks in four care homes, including a list of recommendations based on risk factors that were found to be common in at least two of the homes.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): care home outbreaks - root cause analysis
Appendix 3 Glossary

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Appendix 3 Glossary

Acronym: Meaning

AMR: Antimicrobial Resistance

ARHAI: Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection

CDC: Centre for Disease Control

CI: Care Inspectorate 

COSLA: Convention of Scottish Local Authorities 

DPH: Director of Public Health 

ECOSS: Electronic Communication of Surveillance in Scotland 

GP: General Practitioner 

H&S: Health and Safety 

HAI: Healthcare Associated Infections 

HIS: Heath Improvement Scotland 

HPN: Health Protection Nurse

HPT: Health Protection Team

HSCP: Health and Social Care Partnership 

IMT: Incident Management Team

IPC: Infection Prevention Control 

IPCN: Infection Prevention Control Nurses 

LTCF: Long-term Care Facility 

MoA: Memorandum of agreement

NES: NHS Education for Scotland 

NHS: National Health Service 

NSS: National Services Scotland 

PAG: Problem Assessment Group 

PHS: Public Health Scotland 

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment 

RCA: Root Cause Analysis 

SAE: Serious Adverse Event 

SAGE: Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies 

SAS: Scottish Ambulance Service 

SG: Scottish Government 

SGHSCD: Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates 

SICP: Standard Infection Control Precautions

SPSO: Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

SSSC: Scottish Social Services Council 

SVQ: Scottish Vocational Qualification

TBP: Transmission Based Precautions 

UKPHR: United Kingdom Public Health Register 

WHO: World Health Organization