Commissions and commissioners: executive summary - easy read

Easy read version of a report which sets out research findings exploring the role of commissions and commissioners in supporting rights in Scotland and the UK. The research was commissioned by Scottish Government and undertaken by Research Scotland in 2022/23.

Concerns about the creation of a new Commissioner

Some of the main things that worried people about the introduction of a Commissioner for Learning Disability, Autism and Neurodiversity are listed below:

  • If Commissioners are created for certain groups this might mean too many Commissioners being created in the future.
  • A Commission which only protects certain groups could not make sure that the rights of other groups are protected.
  • A new Commissioner might not have all the powers they need because many laws on human rights and discrimination are decided by the UK Government.
  • A new Commissioner should not do the same work as existing Commissioners.
  • A new Commissioner should not take power away from existing Commissioners.



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