Commissions and commissioners: executive summary - easy read

Easy read version of a report which sets out research findings exploring the role of commissions and commissioners in supporting rights in Scotland and the UK. The research was commissioned by Scottish Government and undertaken by Research Scotland in 2022/23.

Joint Working

Commissions and Commissioners often have to work with other Commissions and Commissioners and other public bodies to do their work.

Sometimes it says in the law how they have to work with each other.

Sometimes Commissions and Commissioners have a legal duty not to do the same work as each other.

Some said they had written agreements with other Commissions and Commissioners while others worked with each other in ways which were more casual.

Some people said that it was easier to work with other organisations when they had different roles and powers from their own.

Working together also helped Commissions and Commissioners to share skills and money with each other.

Some people said that even with an agreement sometimes rules had to be set out on how to talk to other organisations.

Sometimes it was not clear how Commissions and Commissioners should work together when they were working with other organisations who had a similar role.

Most Commissions and Commissioners felt they had a good relationship with the Scottish Government but also thought it was important that they stay separate from the Scottish Government.



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