The right help at the right time in the right place: strategy for the learning provision for children and young people with complex additional support needs 2017-2026

This ten year strategy sits within the context of our other policies and strategies to improve the learning outcomes for children and young people with complex additional support needs living in Scotland.

Our vision

The vision for education in Scotland is described in the National Improvement Framework: (

  • Excellence through raising attainment: ensuring that every child achieves the highest standards in literacy and numeracy, set out within Curriculum for Excellence levels, and the right range of skills, qualifications and achievements to allow them to succeed; and
  • Achieving equity: ensuring every child has the same opportunity to succeed, with a particular focus on closing the poverty-related attainment gap.

We need Scottish education to deliver both excellence in terms of ensuring children and young people acquire a broad range of skills and capacities at the highest levels, whilst also delivering equity so that every child and young person should thrive and have the best opportunity to succeed regardless of their social circumstances or additional needs.

The vision and priorities for Scottish education have been agreed across the system, and the national improvement activity that needs to be undertaken to help deliver those key priorities.  This complements the ongoing implementation of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), Getting it Right for Every Child, and Developing the Young Workforce (DYW), which are the three supporting pillars of the Scottish education system.  

Getting it right for every child supports families by making sure children and young people can receive the right help, at the right time, from the right people.  The aim is to help them to grow up feeling loved, safe and respected so that they can realise their full potential.

The Getting it right for every child approach is based on values and principles[3] which support children’s and parents’ rights.  

The National Improvement Framework envisions “a Scotland in which all children and young people can realise their potential, regardless of their social background or learning needs, thereby developing the knowledge, skills and attributes they will need to flourish in life, learning and work.”

Delivering key priotities and for individual children infographic



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