Revising small area statistics geographies – data zones and intermediate zones: consultation

Data Zones and Intermediate Zones are small area geographies used in the production of official statistics in Scotland. They were first introduced in 2004 and revised in 2014. The purpose of this consultation is to seek feedback from users on proposals to update these geographies.

Consultation questions

We are inviting respondents to propose changes to Data Zones and Intermediate Zones, as long as the criteria outlined above are met, i.e. proposals are within the population thresholds and are a continuous, compact shape. For Data Zones, changes can only be made by moving entire Output Areas in or out of proposed Data Zones. This is because the Output Areas, which are combined to form Data Zones, are already published and therefore the boundaries are fixed. Intermediate Zones can be changed by amending the underlying Data Zones and/or moving entire Data Zones in or out of proposed Intermediate Zones.

  • Are you content with the proposed 2022 Data Zones?
  • Are you content with the proposed 2022 Intermediate Zones? Note that, if changes occur to the proposed 2022 Data Zones post consultation, these changes will be reflected in the Intermediate Zones.



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