Tenancy Deposit Scheme: review

Results from research with tenants, landlords and schemes as part of a review of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in Scotland.


1. The Tenancy Deposit Schemes Regulations 2011 - http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ssi/2011/176/note/made

2. Small adult and family, both 75% and single adult 74%.

3. Small adult 66%, family 69% and single adult 65%.

4. 32 tenants reported that they had not paid a deposit, and a further 24 did not know if they had, accounting for less than 1% of the tenants.

5. Landlords with multiple tenants in multiple properties were asked to answer only about one property and to choose their most typical rental.

6. From those, 4 landlords had not protected the deposit, while 5 did not know.

7. The corresponding figure for rural tenants was 78%.

8. The figure for small adult households is 92%, significantly higher than single adult and family households.

9. The figure for large adult households is 85%.

10. The corresponding figure for older households is 24%

11. The corresponding figure for older households is 76%.

12. 'Cleaning' was added as answer code to landlord survey but not to the tenant survey.

13. This differs from the tenant survey, where this question was only asked of those who did not get their deposit back on time or in full. This means the tenant and landlord results are not comparable here.

14. /publications/place-stay-place-call-home-strategy-private-rented-sector-scotland/


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