Sport in Scotland: report

The purpose of the report is to offer observations and recommendations on the current Scottish sporting landscape with a view to facilitating a more streamlined and coherent voice for Scottish sport.

Appendix 1: Scottish Sport Survey

Disseminated using the Online Surveys (BOS) online survey tool, University of Edinburgh license

The Scottish Government has engaged Edinburgh University to undertake a short review of how the voice of sport in Scotland is heard.

This survey forms an important part of a wider consultation process with key stakeholders to offer observations on the current Scottish Sporting Landscape with a view to facilitating a more streamlined and coherent voice for Scottish sport.

Your insight will be invaluable in shaping the final report. This questionnaire will take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete and all responses are anonymised.

Any data will only be held until the end of the project period which is December 2018. Please complete the survey by 7th September 2018. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated

[Participant information]

Please tell us a few details about yourself or the organisation you represent

(1) Organisation Type [option list provided, single selection]

  • Scottish Governing Body for/of Sport
  • A representative sports association i.e. SSA; SSSA; SEMSA; SALSC;
  • A leisure or culture trust with responsibility for sport
  • A school or teachers sports or physical education federation/ association
  • A private sector organization
  • Other (please specify)

(2) Main Field of Work [option list, single selection]

  • Sport or physical activity
  • Youth work
  • Equality
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Education and learning
  • Safety
  • Volunteering
  • Other (please specify)

(3) Survey responses provided reflect the views of:

  • Myself as an individual
  • My organisation
  • Both


The aim of the review will be to consider the current Scottish Sporting Landscape and whether the voice of Scottish Sport could be more streamlined, coherent and effective. The opportunity exits to consider key issues facing your organisation and whether these are organisation specific or more generic across Scottish Sport or at least more than your organisation. The survey also asks you for a qualitative judgement about whether you see Scottish Sport currently in a good place or not.

Part 2: Key Issues in Scottish Sport

(4) What are the key issues facing your organization? Open

(5) What are the general key issues facing Scottish Sport? Open


Scottish sport is in a good place Agree/Disagree (select)
Scottish sport is not in a good place Agree/Disagree (select)

Part 3: The Scottish Sporting Landscape

The Scottish Sporting Landscape is made up of a diverse range of organisations, including all of those listed in Question 1.


The governance of sport in Scotland is complex Agree/Disagree (select)
Scottish sport speaks with one voice Agree/Disagree (select)
I feel appropriately represented nationally Agree/Disagree (select)
The Scottish sporting voice could be more coherent and effective Agree/Disagree (select)
One organisation speaks for Scottish sport Agree/Disagree (select)

If you have any other comments, please include them here:

Part 4: An effective voice for Scottish Sport

(8) Who should speak for Scottish Sport in order to provide a unified voice to the Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing? Open Text

(9) Could the Scottish Sporting Landscape be more effective and if so how?

Yes / No

If Yes, how?

(10) How can Scotland collectively create a robust platform to allow the sporting sector to have its voice heard? [multiple selection]

A reduced number of bodies speaking for sport

A representative advisory board for sport in Scotland

One single stakeholder body being the voice of Scottish Sport Other

If other, please specify

(11) If you have any other comments, please include them here: [Open text]

(12) If you are happy to be contacted, please leave an email address and or contact number for follow up. This would simply be to probe a little further the answers you gave in the survey. It would help us to better understand the needs of Scottish sport. [Open text]

Thank you for your time in completing this questionnaire. You may now close this window.

** The data collected will only be kept up until January 2019 and used solely for the purposes of a short report for the Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing **



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