Sport in Scotland: report

The purpose of the report is to offer observations and recommendations on the current Scottish sporting landscape with a view to facilitating a more streamlined and coherent voice for Scottish sport.

Section 2: Participant Information

33. The survey link was sent to 100% (N=75) of the sports organisations and representative bodies provided through the Scottish Government Active Scotland Division.

34. Survey responses were received from 73% of those contacted.

35. A wide range of organisations participated including Scottish governing bodies of sport; representative sports associations; sport, leisure and/or culture trusts; physical education associations; charities focusing upon gender equality in sport; and other organisations.

36. 70.8% (n=34) of Scottish Sport Survey responses were from Scottish governing bodies of Sport; 10.9% of the responses were from other organisations including a gender equality charity; a young sports panel and a third sector organisation.

37. The main fields of work covered by survey responses were sport and physical activity; education and learning; equality; health and wellbeing and volunteering.

38. 72.9% (n=35) of the survey responses stated that they were speaking on behalf of the organisation while 27.1% (n=13) stated that the response given reflected the view of the individual.

39. 29 follow up interviews were conducted between October 2018 and February 2019.



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