Part 1 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995: review

This consultation seeks views on reforming Part 1 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 to ensure the child's best interests are at the centre of any decision made about them.

Part 15: Conclusion

Impact Assessments

15.01 In accordance with usual practice, the Scottish Government has prepared a number of impact assessments in relation to the development of policy in this area.

15.02 The Scottish Government considers that the changes proposed or considered in this consultation have minimal impact on the environment. Accordingly, the Scottish Government has sent a pre-screening exemption from Strategic Environmental Assessment ( SEA) to the usual SEA consultation authorities. [125]

15.03 A partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment ( BRIA) is attached at Annex G. This provides details of the estimated cost of adopting various options discussed in the consultation.

15.04 A partial Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment ( CRWIA) is attached at Annex H. This considers which Articles of the UNCRC are engaged by the proposals and policy options identified for people under 18. The CRWIA also sets out the evidence that the Scottish Government has identified so far as relevant to the assessment of these options.

15.05 A partial Data Protection Impact Assessment ( DPIA) has also been undertaken and is attached at Annex I.

15.06 The changes proposed to the law would have impacts in relation to equalities. A partial Equality Impact Assessment ( EQIA) is attached at Annex J.

Question 53):
Do you have any comments about, or evidence relevant to:
a) The partial Business And Regulatory Impact Assessment;
b) The partial Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment;
c) The partial Data Protection Impact Assessment; or
d) The partial Equality Impact Assessment?
If yes, please provide your comments below.

Any further comments

15.07 The Scottish Government recognises that in order to develop well informed policy and legislation, it is important that we receive responses reflecting the range of views held on this subject.

15.08 Consultees are welcome to make any other comments relating to this consultation.

Question 54): Do you have any further comments?
If you have answered yes please provide your comments below.


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