Review of NHS Pharmaceutical Care of Patients in the Community in Scotland

Report of an independent review of NHS pharmaceutical care of patients in the community in Scotland, carried out by Dr Hamish Wilson and Professor Nick Barber.

Implementation and Review

75. This report is submitted to Scottish Government as a contribution to their consideration of the continued development of NHS pharmaceutical care in the community and evolving approaches to wider healthcare delivery. It is a summary of our views on the way ahead and, on occasions, how to get there. We believe that what we propose should be seen as a co-ordinated programme and one which requires professional leadership. The submissions made to the review contained a wealth of material, much of it with valuable and practical proposals for delivery of specific aspects. We hope that Scottish Government will have the opportunity to use that in taking forward whatever follows from this review.

76. It is also important that any plan for future development has built into it measures for success and methods of monitoring and evaluation, so that there is a clear and demonstrable path for progress. The planning and delivery needs to involve all the stakeholders who gave so willingly and generously of their time and expertise in contributing to this review.

Signature of Dr Hamish Wilson Review LeadSignature of Dr Hamish Wilson Review Lead

Dr Hamish Wilson
Review Lead

Signature of Professor Nick Barber Professional Adviser and Support

Professor Nick Barber
Professional Adviser and Support


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