Retained EU Law Bill: what it means

Sets out the risks that the Scottish Government believes are posed by the UK Government’s Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill, currently being considered by the UK Parliament.

Your rights at work

The UK Government’s Retained EU Law Bill poses the following risks for vital protections for employees:

Stakeholder reaction


"Our members in safety critical industries such as energy are deeply concerned about the potential loss of EU-inspired health and safety legislation that underpins their confidence they will safely return home from work every day”.

Thompsons Solicitors

Nobody signed up to giving Ministers in Westminster free rein to abolish, or ‘re-state’, workplace rights like paid annual leave, parental leave and protections on transfers of undertakings”.


“At a time when people are experiencing huge financial pressure and public services are struggling with lack of funding and staff, the government should be creating stability and certainty – not a bonfire of workers’ rights and decades of legal wrangling.”

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