Scottish Agricultural Census: June 2018

Statistics regarding the area of crops and other farmland, livestock, agriculture workforce and rented farmland.

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Poor weather impacts Scotland's cereals

Cereal and oilseed areas (hectares) in June 2018

Spring barley – 250,500 ha 3%
Wheat – 99,800 ha -9%
Winter barley – 37,500 ha -21%
Oilseed rape – 32,700 ha -4%
Oats – 32,100 ha -2%
Rye – 5,800 ha 6%

Cereals in Scotland

Cereals in Scotland

Area used to grow cereals and oilseed rape : 459,400 hectares

Poor weather caused a drop in the total amount of cereals and oilseeds planted in Scotland. In June 2018, the total area used was reduced by three per cent to 459,400 hectares.

Barley, Scotland's biggest crop, fell by one per cent. This was caused by a 21 per cent decrease in winter- planted barley, down to 37,500 ha. The drop was offset by an increase in spring barley, rising by three per cent to 250,500 ha. Wheat, Scotland's second biggest crop, fell by nine per cent over the past year, to 99,800 ha.

The area of rye has increased over the past year. Rye, which can be used in fuel production or distilling, has increased 14-fold from the 400 hectares recorded in 2014 to 5,800 hectares in 2018.



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