Respiratory care - action plan: 2021 to 2026

The respiratory care action plan for Scotland sets out our vision for driving improvement in the prevention, diagnosis, care, treatment and support of people living with respiratory conditions.

Annex B: Summary of Commitments

Commitment 1

We will work with all relevant policy areas to ensure preventative measures are embedded in all aspects of respiratory care.

Commitment 2

We will improve and simplify access to appropriate diagnostic tests for respiratory conditions and explore the use of high quality, consistent spirometry testing and chest & lung CT scans.

Commitment 3

We will support the ongoing work within the Scottish Access Collaborative' disease-specific pathway projects and ensure developments are embedded within wider respiratory policy.

Commitment 4

As part of the Rehabilitation Framework implementation programme, we will ensure everyone with respiratory conditions who would benefit from specialist, general and community rehab is able to access appropriate services and support.

Commitment 5

We will work with people living with respiratory conditions to better understand the barriers to accessing appropriate mental health support; and collaborate with policy and health & social care teams to determine opportunity for improvements.

Commitment 6

We will work with key partners to understand and improve pathways for a good transition from children and young people services to adult respiratory services, and ensure all young people with long term respiratory conditions go through a dedicated respiratory transition service.

Commitment 7

We will work with the NHS, clinicians and the third sector to ensure provision of best practice palliative care for people with a lung condition as they near the end of life and support wider roll out of Anticipatory Care Plans.

Commitment 8

We will work with key stakeholders to help ensure carers of people with respiratory illness are aware of their rights and how to access support.

Commitment 9

We will work in partnership with key stakeholders including the third sector and DHI to ensure people with respiratory conditions have access to tools, resources and information that support them to manage their own condition.

Commitment 10

We will build on the data within the Atlas of Variation and work towards a core respiratory data set, in order to understand areas for improvement.

Commitment 11

We will support wider workforce planning activity to develop innovative, sustainable workforce models within respiratory services.

Commitment 12

As clinical guidelines evolve, we will work with key partners, including NHS Education (NES), to ensure relevant and consistent training is made available to a wider group of healthcare professionals and third sector services, across Scotland.



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