Residential Rehabilitation Rapid Capacity Programme 2: guidance

Guidance on applying for the Residential Rehabilitation Rapid Capacity Programme 2, which is part of the wider national drugs mission funds.


Eligible organisations

Eligible organisations for being the lead applicant for RRRCP 2 funding are not-for-profit organisations working in the drugs sector, including integration authorities, alcohol and drug partnerships, third-sector organisations and grassroots/community organisations.

Project proposals are expected to be brought forward with the involvement and support of relevant ADPs and local authorities. Lack of evidence of this will affect the scoring of the application.

Eligible types of projects

Eligible projects for RRRCP are those looking for a capital investment or high value revenue costs (>£250,000) to increase capacity of residential rehabilitation services in Scotland. Projects will be able to apply for up to £2,000,000, however in exceptional circumstances bids for more that this will be considered.

If your project is in early in its development, some financial support may be available for scoping work. Please contact .

The RRRCP 2 considers the definition of “residential rehabilitation” to be facilities offering programmes which aim to support individuals to attain an alcohol or drug-free lifestyle and be reintegrated into society, and which provide intensive psychosocial support and a structured programme of daily activities which residents are required to attend over a fixed period of time. We will also consider some detox facilities which are either co-located within or are specifically linked to a residential rehab programme.

Legal requirements

 Project proposals are invited on the basis that necessary legal requirements are covered and will flow through to the contents and conditions of a grant offer. That means Subsidy Control, Environmental Impact, Equalities Impact Assessment, Planning Permission, Fairer Scotland Duty (as part of the Equality Act 2010,) and any other legal requirements that are specific to individual projects.

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