Reducing greenhouse gas emissions - proposals and policies: report

Report prepared under section 36 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, setting out proposals and policies to compensate in future years for the excess emissions resulting from the missed 2019 emissions reduction target.

Next Steps

The policy package of the Scottish Government’s updated Climate Change Plan provides a pathway to meeting emissions reduction targets over the period to 2032. Implementing and delivering these policies is our priority.

The 2009 Act mandates that we monitor our progress against the Climate Change Plan on an annual basis. Sector by sector monitoring reports[5] are published each May. This information provides a regular opportunity to further review and adjust our approach, if any areas prove not to be on track.

We will bring forward a draft of the next full Climate Change Plan within the first half of this Parliament. The Plan will contain policies and proposals to meet annual emissions reduction targets over the next “plan period”, as per the 2009 Act[6].



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