Repeat violent victimisation: evidence review

A rapid review of national and international evidence on the extent, prevalence and nature of repeat violent victimisation.


1. Additional studies identified but not quality assessed can be found in the list of references. These studies provided important background, contextual and supportive information, but did not specifically present evidence on RVV.

2. This is different to how violent crime is measured in the SCJS. In the SCJS, violent crime includes assault (including serious assault, minor assault with injury, minor assault with no or negligible injury, and attempted assault) and robbery (Scottish Government, 2019). 

3. There are plans to bring data from several sweeps of the SCJS together into a pooled sample, with the aim of enabling further examination of experiences and the characteristics of crime, including that experienced by repeat victims. 

4. For example, of those aged 16 to 59 who reported being victims of physical domestic violence in the 2015 CSEW self-completion module on domestic violence, only 12% also reported being a victim of domestic violence in the face-to-face interview (ONS, 2016b)

5. This excludes those who responded ‘don’t know/can’t remember’ or who did not wish to answer. 



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